Android VIM3 USB MTP mode not working

I turn on USB MTP mode in my VIM3 device.
but my computer can not recognize MTP device.
error is driver is not installed.

anyone success connect MTP mode?

Let me guess, you used a screen/TV/monitor while changing the settings and then once the settings were confirmed you transferred it to a computer :slight_smile:

well, that method doesn’t work as those settings are dynamic and once the machine is powered off the settings are reverted, you can only acheive This if your device Is powered through the entire process of configuring and connecting to computer, and note that your device needs a usb3.0 port to power up as,
2.0 ports cannot provide the required power

Regarding the driver which system are you using, the Driver on windows is libusb-worldcup

Hello Electr1
so you mean USB-C power not enough?
my computer can’t install mtp usb driver for power?

What port did you use ?

no there is no driver specific for power delivery, I’m saying your device will fail to boot if it has insufficient power when connected to USB-2.0 port

hi, I think this function is more for the phone.

Yes, but it is actually baked into every android device in the Developer settings,
It is possible but the USB mode setting is a volatile one and changes if the device is powered off,

@byungkyu , here is one of the ways I did it, Using SCRCPY app I was able to Screen mirror my vim3 on my laptop and after that on the emulated screen I did the changes necessary for enabling MTP and it worked
Here is a video of how to use SCRCPY on my youtube channel


I not a really good youtuber, but atleast you could get the point. :wink:

I want to send video file to VIM3 using MTP.
share android screen useful… but I’m not wanted…

anyway thank you.

No that is not what I said , if it is connected to the VIM3 and you have that screen mirroring, you literally have access to your VIM3,so from the screen mirroring you can control your VIM3 and access the settings for MTP so it is powered through the entire process and the settings are preserved, so you can transfer the file , don’t you understand it now ?

I don’t understand…
I can can select mtp mode in setting -> develop option -> USB.
but after select mtp… my computer can’t recognize … driver not existed error.

rockchip 3399 board fine…

Do you have the Libusb world cup driver


Once you get that driver tell me I will instruct you, how to do it

I download amlogic driver. but not working. could you upload
or send to me your usb driver?

wouldn’t it be easier to use drives for files, or use some kind of samba server?

I has not samba server… could you send to me email…

on YouTube you can find many instructions on this subject if interested

@byungkyu i have sent you the driver Via Email, check it please

@byungkyu or please try this, download available only for few more days until 10/6/20