Android TV version

Can someone tell me why the android build for Khadas is not the TV one?

It is probably due to the fact that the build is based off Amlogic’s build which is also not based on the Android TV version. I think that Lineage OS has support for building Android TV so if someone ports it over to that it shouldn’t be too hard to make it work. I have some early port work done based on a S912 tv box but the VIM should make it much easier to deal with.

I hopefully will get my VIM tomorrow, I ordered it on Dec 10 but customs seems to have lost it twice in Europe and the US. :thumbsdown:

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Ugoos has an ATV for their S912 box(AM3). Maybe something could be done with that.

Do you know if they have their repos public?

Most vendors just use the Amlogic codebase with minor if any tweaks but a few seem to have their own developers that do their builds and Ugoos looks like its probably one of those as they also noted on their blog that they have Android TV builds for the rockchip processors as well.

Sorry, I do not.
The only experience I have with Ugoos’ ATV was trying the AM2(S905) ATV firmware on an S95(Meta). Ugoos’ AM2 and the S95 Telos boards are all but identical(no SATA port on AM2). The Meta uses a different WiFi module, so I only played with it for a little bit and then flashed other F/W. I do not have a Netflix or Hulu account, so could not test for HD. My lack of familiarity with ATV, does not make for a valid evaluation of it.

This Freaktab article may be of interest to you. It is for an S912, but may work on others, including RKs.
Wish I could be more helpful.

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