Android Screen Saver


I am using VIM3L Boards with HDMI Touch Screens and Android for Smarthome applications. But when I set the sreen saver, to start after some time (5 min) it never starts? Does someone have a solution for this problem?

Hi, motze92,i will check this problem and fix it later

I have some issues with screen saver as well. My setup is VIM3L with latest android + hdmi touchscreen (touchscreen is via USB).
The option to turn off the screen as a screen saver does not work (despite I can see it as an option).

When I choose the clock as screen saver and I set up to put device to sleep option to something other than “never”, then the screen saver works. But once the device goes to sleep i can not wake it up with touchscreen. The only option is to use power button to wake it up, but after that the touchscreen does not work still, and the only solution is to restart vim.

When I try the combination of clock as a screen saver and setting sleep time to never, then the screen saver does not start at all.

I’m trying to achieve the functionality where the screen turns off on inactivity, and I can turn it on by touchscreen. Do you have any solution for this?
I’ve tested my touchscreen with raspberry pi and android ROM, and there it was working as expected I was able to set screen saver to turn screen on and wake it up with touchscreen - so it doesn’t look like a hardware problem with my touchscreen.


There is a problem with the screensaver. I have made some modifications and compiled it into firmware. It will be released in a few days. You can test it.

@jasonl Were those modification released with version 210906 ?
If thas so, then I have tested it and now the “turn screen off” screensaver works just partially in my case. Now it turns the screen off, but I’m not sure if it does as well put vim into the sleep (as the leds stops blinking). Well, it wouldn’t be so bad at all, but my problem is that I can’t wake it up with the touchscreen :frowning: It turns back again only when I use the power button, but then the touchscreen doesn’t work, and the only option to fix it is to reboot the device.

If there would be a chance to fix so touchscreen would wake up the device, then I would be gratefull for such fix.


@krzkowalczyk some modification were released with version 210906,turn screen off just close display ,not put vim into the sleep

i use my mipi touchscreen ,it can wake up the device when screen off

@jasonl thanks for clarification, therefore, in my case it looks more like a sleep - no leds are on or blinking, and I can’t wake it up with any USB connected devices (keybord,mouse,touchscreen). My settings are:

  • screen saver: turn screen off
  • when to start : after 5min
  • put device to sleep: never

My touchscreen is connected via USB, as a HID device I believe. And the display is connected via HDMI.

Is there a chance you can look into it ?

Thanks in advance,

ok ,i will find a usb touchscreen to check