Android R (11) Cannot bringup the panel of kvim3l

I Get the source of Android Master code[according to the next address]

I Built it and write it to my kvim3l device, it can work well;

But Kvim3l Mipi Panel Cannot Work,is there any patch which can lights up the panel?

Please Help Me @jasonl @goenjoy

I used the last command build it:
repo init -u -b master
repo sync -j8
. ./build/
lunch yukawa-userdebug|yukawa32-userdebug

HDMI Interface can work very well, But I hope that the kvim3l’s mipi panel can work also.

@numbqq can you help me for that?

where is Khadas Team?

@superceleron please help that!

@Elvis, At present, The master branch is Android 12.
The mipi panel is not support.