Android Q (non-ATV) for VIM3L

Hi All,

I’m trying to install my application on an Android Q on the Khadas VIM3L device. My application is currently not working with Android TV due to a few issues like lacking of “Device administration” feature and UI optimizations, and I don’t want to make changes to work with Android TV.
Is there a branch or another AOSP repository of an Android Q (non-ATV) that will work on this device?


Hi, I didn’t even know that vim3 has Android-Q, you probably mean Android 11?

@Vladimir.v.v Android Q for VIM3 exists, it was there when they showcased the VIM3’s as AOSP reference boards

Well, it has not received development, I propose to start thinking about Androyd 11 / 64bit, which everyone here dreams of so much

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