Android Pie for the Vim 1?


I’ve been looking closely at the Khadas Github repos lately and I’ve seen some branches appearing forpie but only for the Khadas Edge.

I was wondering if Pie will also be available for the Vim 1 too considering that Amlogic does have Pie builds for the same SoC.


We will release the VIM1 Pie source code, but it need more time. :grinning:

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Any news already? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you look closely at their Github, you can see that branches for Pie has been created for the vim3, we can only hope that the pie source code for the vim1 and vim2 comes out shortly after.

@Gytis @zdesautels We will release VIM1 Pie source code after one or two weeks. About the VIM2, we haven’t the plan to update to Pie because the amlogic official still don’t release Pie for VIM2(S912).


Any news already? :slight_smile:

Last news I’ve got was that it would be available by the end of August or early September :confused:

New andrid 9 in Firmware/VIM1/Android/Pie

exciting - any release notes at all?

ICYMI, there was an announcement with a little info.
It is a work-in-progress. :slight_smile: