Android pie 64bit

I’ve seen the ODROID N2 begin to offer 64-bit ANDROID PIE firmware, with a wide screen resolution option.


KHADAS VIM3 has not updated the new firmware for 1 month.

Perfect firmware is the soul of a board, I think KHADAS can pay more attention to firmware maintenance, not just hardware.

Active firmware maintenance can make hardware more popular.

Otherwise, the best hardware will be forgotten.


RRZC777, for me personally, quality is important, not quantity, unlike you :wink:
the guys have nothing to reproach so far, they know their hard job!
Of course, you can often test beta versions, but I’m sure it’s not much fun.:grin:

Hello, Gouwa made this statement here
“But obviously not now as our team still need focus on better service for our existing product at this stage”
Improvements will come in time.:slightly_smiling_face:

You are wrong.

Rome was not built in a day.

Good firmware is built on continuous testing, feedback, and patches.

The IPHONE and PIXEL seem to be perfect, but they still receive feedback and update their firmware.

This metaphor may be wrong. NOKIA only CARES about hardware quality and sales, and by the time they find out what users want, people have lost faith in its products.

PS: consumers make Suggestions because they love the product and want it to be better. If not, they won’t say anything, just choose another brand.

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RRZC777 I agree with you, but I think the guys need time, it’s not always simple, as it seems to us!

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RRZC777 completely agree with you :grinning:
If we criticize things, it is because we care.
Using VIM3 is a pleasure. We just want it to improve.

by the way, I sell 3705 Coling fan. modest price :roll_eyes: