Android O/S for all Khadas boards

I am looking at all the various SBC by Khadas and asking one question.

Do ANY of them have an x64 Android O/S image available?

Vim1 or 2 or 3


or any other.


Hey. Edge is any android x64, vim2 is Android 7 (x64), I will not say about vim1.

There is a Pie(9) version for VIM2 do you think that is X64 too or does one have to go back to Nougat(7) ??

No, it will already be 32 bit.

so Khadas devs went away from X64 on the vim2 after andy7, that’s interesting…

It’s hard for me to argue here, but I’ll say this, Khadas works with what Amlogic or Rockchip offer, and is already trying to improve them.

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