Android NPU stack

I currently testing some changes on VIM 4, and like to know about the NPU support, like when it will be available, and what changes I must do to make it usefull by android apps, or maybe create a HAL to handle with it.


Hello @Gustavo_Ferreira_Pal

Android NPU support is TBD, maybe @goenjoy @xiong.zhang can follow up for you

GitHub link:

Download apks:

For the firmware, please use the official fixedware

Thanks a lot @Electr1 amd @xiong.zhang for your prompt reply, I have success using this APK.

But I have one more doubt, is it possible to run, with a properly hal implementation, of course, a yolo network on android?

If yes how can I start? for example, I’m trying to embed and run some linux examples in Android. did you have some suggestion?