Android not connecting to internet

I have vim3 pro and have the latest version of android installed.

yesterday there was no problem and today when I turn on the device and connect to the internet, it does not connect to the internet at all.

I’ve also tried different modems and cell phones but it doesn’t work. Connecting to wifi is ok but no internet. not only in the browser, but in all applications.

Hi, what method of installing Android was it?

with usb burn tool

It has been without problems for 3 days.

1.Check the date and time in the Android settings, you must set it correctly.

2.It also happens that wi-fi5 on Android does not support certain channels according to regions, in this case you will need to change the channel in the router and see which channel your vim will work with.

3.Also, in the ip-address settings, change Use DHCP to Static.

4.If all else fails, then try resetting to factory settings, it is usually recommended after recording.

@fkaraokur I haven’t tested the latest android version yet, but I feel that v20064 is very stable compared to other versions, you can stick to trying that :slightly_smiling_face:

I never thought the problem was that simple. I made it manually because there is no istanbul in the time settings. the date that turned off to the year 2011 in closing and opening. The problem was fixed, thank you. @Vladimir.v.v @Electr1

but in this version and previous versions chrome problem persists. chrome freezes.

Second, configure physical keyboard notification is problematic. I click but he doesn’t do anything. My keyboard is already where I want the keys I want.