Android - No On Screen Exit

Just purchased the VIM 2 Basic, connected it to a touch screen (BOSSTOUCH) and powered it on. Perfect, the android OS booted up and I was able to see the screen perfectly.

BUT, I don’t have a keyboard or mouse connected and when I go into a program I can’t exit it. For instance I can start google chrome, but there is no way on screen to exit the program or go back to the home screen. Am I missing something? Is there a special swipe/touch combination I need to use?

The purpose of this setup is to use it mounted on a wall to control my smart house. So I don’t want to use a keyboard or mouse.

Do I need to upgrade the OS?

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you.

So, I guess this is a tricky question. Should be pretty simple to answer. Does the Android OS that comes pre-loaded on the VIM2 unit require a keyboard to navigate? I need it to work more like an Android phone. Perhaps there is some configuration options I can tweak?

Hello, Do you have a Khadas IR remote? Some wireless remotes should also work.

Back button on remote should let you back out of Chrome, remote’s home button should also get you out of Chrome.

You can show the bottom statusbar on Settings->More Settings->Display

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That worked! Thank you very much. In reply to you first response no I don’t have an IR remote, but the on-screen status bar did what I needed. Perfect!

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