Android + kodi + livetv 1080i deinterlacing

hi all!

can i playback 1080i live tv streams on the vim2 in kodi on ANDROID?
does it deinterlace 1080i?


Install a Kodi APK on your VIM2 and test it will get the answer :wink:

(Actually, of course yes for the answering)


sorry for asking again but,
I have another s912 box with Android 7.1.2 and when I stream live TV 1080i@50hz via tvheadend, to this box, the deinterlacer in Kodi coverts to 25hz instead of doubling the framerate to 50hz. this makes the image not smooth… can anyone confirm that the khadas box running on Android can correctly deinterlacer 1080i@25hz to a smooth 50hz image?

So, i have found that currently, there is no S912 amlogic based box that can deinterlace 1080i@50Hz correctly WITH KODI 17 and up (kodi 16 might work). Kodi developers have removed AMCODEC support from kodi.

So to answer my own question:
Can this box correctly deinterlace 1080i@50Hz to a 50Hz deinterlaced video?

NO it cannot. You will end up with a 25Hz judderisch deinterlaced picture which is unwatchable… too bad.