Android image for SD Card

I was wondering if Khadas can provide ready to use android for a sd card. I wiped my emmc long ago to be able to boot from SD, but would like to play with Android a bit. I don’t have a windows machine neither ubuntu, only archlinux. I can try to hack burn-tool, but come on… should be an easier way…


Hi, If you have Linux working on an SD card, Then I think you can do this…

From the Linux on the SD card,

  1. download and unzip the latest version of Android from here:

  2. Identify the eMMC storage location (like dev/sda5… )

  3. Burn the image to the eMMC with the DD command,

and now if reboot the device from eMMC, Android should work…

Any Linux wiz can verify my method…
@Numbqq, @Frank do you guys agree ?

Alternatively, You can use Krescue I guess…

unfortunately there is no such possibility, to have an operating system on sd (Android), on sd you can only write an image, which in turn is written to eMMC

maybe at work or with a friend, you can write the image to sd, it will be enough once, if you do not need updates later


A Krescue backup card can be quite useful…
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I do not mind, but how can he record without a PC?

That should be answered by @poke-1.0 himself…

he needs a ready-made sd card, with an Android image or with Krescue

do I understand you correctly?


Hi all,

Thx for the replies! I know my way around. Krescue or a Linux distro on sd can help but why can’t khadas provide ready to use images to boot from SD? I did that for batocera.linux.

If I burn to emmc, I have to wipe it again when decide to go back to boot from SD. Personally, I would like to use SD only.

I think they will take note of this, do not worry, your wishes will be taken into account here

Hello, In all my time with TV boxes, I have seen only one Android boot and run from SD card, that was for the Firefly RK3288. I would use that card on my Ugoos UT3(RK3288). That Android was 4.4.
So I assume it may be possible, how practical is another story.

It is possible to have an OS on eMMC and still be able to boot/run OSes from SD card.

It is possible and already available for rockchip and allwinner soc, you can have one os on emmc and boot another os on sd card but to achieve you there should be no conflict in the uboot.
That is the reason rockchip and allwinner try to push their soc support to ubooy quite faster than amlogic.

PineBookPro Rk3399: You get Manjaro Arm linux pre-installed in emmc, while you can still boot other os like debian, ubuntu etc as long as theyre using mainline uboot.
Similarly khadas edgev can boot 2 different os on emmc and sd card.

Pinephone A64: Same story. I have android on emmc while I can boot Manjaro on sd card.

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It is. I achieved that by interrupting the boot process and booting manually. Cumbersome. Need a serial connection. It might be possible to come with an uboot script to do what I want but I was expecting something friendlier.
Well, my original post was a complain and not support request. Sorry about that. I really like the vim3. Nice board, but it has its quirks.

Please note that even If you had android running of a SD card, It will be super slow, the SD card poses as as a bigger bottleneck than anything else…

Thx for the explanation. It is just for playground. I would like to test the libretro-mame core in it.

And just discover android image is armv7. Is there an aarch64 android image?