Android frimware

i need a complete… not upgrade Andriod firmware/os EMMC…to replace the one that came on board i have ubuntu now

Hello, It is my understanding that all the firmwares here are full firmwares.
AML USB Burning tool to flash them to the VIM2.

Hi @tomparrott, all the firmwares there are full firewares.Thanks

when i load one i get logo…start of andriod logo …blank screen…

Assuming you have a VIM2 and not VIM1. Is this true?

Hi @ ,can you tell me which fireware that you used?

Nougat v170816, v19330,etc…ubuntu works fine ,used several

sorry V2 PRO…want reload ANDROID

My understanding is you should use upgrade method i.e. via usb to Vim2 pro to fully re-install (upgrade=reinstall) latest rooted and full Android version i.e.

Never needed to do it myself yet, but above (first link) explanation appears to be straight forward?

Have you tried to do it and what was the result?

----hmm possibly see what you mean there appears to be later Android version here not normally visible to users when searching via

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Hi @tomparrott ,I don’t konw I’m not sure if you’ve seen this before.You can try with it,if you see the Power-LED (Blue) blink for about 3 seconds,then you can upgroup the andriod firmware.

I use the USB mode… ubuntu any Ver will load…Andriod will load an boot to main screen then go blank…any Ver why 1.5gig vs ubuntu 3.5gig…the board w/tone board are perfect…love them…my ver.not 1.4

USB load andriod never goes green in status bar will say it loaded …ubuntu allways green in status bar???

it worked i am back to android…thanks FRANK did what you said then USB …back up to andriod

That’s good news.If you have other questions, you can create new posts.
Have a good day !