Android for Edge-V Max

I have a Vim3 Pro now but considering changing my project over to the Edge-V

Is there an x64 tablet version of Android for the Edge-V?
is it well proven stable and able?



Hi, yes, there are versions for tablets, Android 9,10, and unlike Amlogic, Rockchip is all 64bit.


Trigger pulled… What the heck, can never have too many SBC!!!


Hello, the most important thing is that Rockchip suits you, for example I like the third-party firmware from the mo123 ATV build, he periodically posts it here on the forum.
You have a good positive attitude! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Well I have my edge-v now, but no heat sink showed up so I dont think I can power it up…

Do they come loaded with any O/S?


it is preloaded with android pie :slightly_smiling_face:

Edge-v needs the same heatsink as vim and can also be purchased from Khadas.:slightly_smiling_face:

You can probably substitute the HS with a fan for now, untill you get HS. Keep an eye on temps to make sure fan is adequate.

Yup, I purchased it when I purchased the fan and case, they just got separated in shipping somehow.

I borrowed the heat sink off my VIM3 and booted it up, came shipped with Andy 9

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