Android Enabled Audio Outputs

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Android 11

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I have tried to use the I2S pins on the 40PIN IO Header (I tried various combinations to see if this was a wiring issue) and the Line Out test pins 8TP2 for audio output. SPDIF seems to work without any issue but I get nothing on the Line Out or I2S. Is audio enabled by default for those output in the android image listed above? I’m afraid my technical knowledge of the android system is not good enough to determine this myself.

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Hello @CD_BIZK

@william.lin @xiong.zhang @goenjoy will help you then.

if vim4 connected the HDMI expansion screen, there was audio output.
If there is no HDMI screen connected, there is no audio output.
Perhaps this is an issue, we will fix it.

We are talking about a VIM1S not VIM4. I was testing with an HDMI cable connected. SPDIF works but I could not get the I2S pins to Work as expected.
There is a forum post regarding this on a VIM4 but I’m not sure if it is relevant to a VIM1S. I will post a link to the VIM4 post here.
Is there an I2S output example - #2 by goenjoy

@CD_BIZK VIM1S has not added drivers and DTS configurations similar to the VIM4 external ES8316. Therefore, it may not be opened by default. What codes chip are you planning to plug in? You can refer to the link mentioned in your file to add and modify the corresponding code. Is there an I2S output example - #2 by goenjoy