Android build with DTV Support

hi Gytis

Anyway, I have another issue - VTV app fails channel search - whether it’s automatic or manual, as soon as it is initated it stops and comes back to start window of app. The same happens with VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V170930 firmware.

I have tried with DVB-T (Lithuania) antenna plugged in.

---- I will check and give you reply soon

And one more thing - can I make VTV app not autostart when Android boots up? I want to launch it myself when wanted.

----- I will add one setting option to let user can choose auto start or not for next version release.

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Sorry for that. You can download fixup_dvb.7z to fixup it on VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V170930. The instruction file ReadMe is inclued in fixup_dvb.7z
Also I have updated the DVB_Patch for it.

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Thanks, applying current version of DVB_Patch (or to be specific - 0003-DVB-fixup-application-quit-abnormal-while-DVB-T-T2-C.patch) solves the issue :+1:

I was able to build Nougat with Google Apps, SuperSU and VTV :wink: I ran DVB-T scan in Lithuania, got the channels found and it works. Also tried recording broadcast - all smooth.


We really need a way to add AC3 support for audio stream. Otherwise there is not so much use having S/PDIF port :neutral_face:

As I understand this will be solved. When can we expect new version? Any plans to open source it?

As yet we don’t have sources of VTV app probably there is no way how to integrate OSCam, Ccam or any other software based (CONAX-like) decoder? I have USB smart card reader which I would like to use for decoding DVB-C stream.

Along with other nice ARM-based devices I do have X Solo mini3 set-top box which runs on OpenPLI. Under this Linux-based system extensions are available (like OpenWebif interface) and one very valuable is softcams - OSCam can be added and it works very nice :smiley: Can we have something similar with VTV app?

I saw there is Android build of OSCam (sources on GitHub) - this might be useful.

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dear gytis
oscam is supportted already
please goto menu --> Installation --> DVB/S/S2. And then Input “999999” by remote control
it will open a hiden menu, then you will see CCCam, BISS there.


Thanks, I can access menu :slightly_smiling_face: Now I need to figure the way how to add my cable provider keys from smart card. I’ll maybe have OSCam server running on my OpenPLI powered device and will try to get Khadas VTV’s CCam connecting to it.

Another issue DVB-C scan did not find any channels… Is it expected if all channels are encrypted? Shouldn’t they be found anyway? Channel scan set to All.

you can access oscam by internet browser : http://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:8888/ (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is your VIM2 ip address)

for DVB-C scan , can you give me more information, if you turn on scan type to ALL, it should found all channels (include scrambled channels).

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I did turn on scanning for any channels and any type (radio or tv) but search found no channels :neutral_face: Can DVB-C be somehow disabled by default in software?

I will try to find technical specification of my DVB-C cable provider.

@Frank.DTV any idea on open sourcing the VTV app code and the library code…?

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Sorry, but we don’t have plan to open the source code of the VTV app. Because we have also other OTT+DVB settop box using similar software struct or code.

-----1. Did you check other mode of the signal, e.g DVB S/S or DVB T/T2, were they working (Scan channels, Watching)?

-----2. The software will not disable DVB-C function.
Did the transponder locked while you do DVB-C scanning?

I did check with DVB-T - it finds channels and shows broadcasts as expected.

While DVB-C scan runs through until 100% but no channels are found - neither free nor scrambled. Is there any check I could perform on DVB-C specifically?


Can you take a small video while you scan DVB-C channels?

Note : DVB-C use the same antenna input port as DVB-T.

Yes, I plugged DVB-C table into the same port as previously tried DVB-T (which worked).

Here is the video of DVB-C channel scan:

Hi, there is nothing special of DVB C Config, through your video, seems there is not signal could be found
Can you help to check other DVBC set top box to ensure your signal is ok?

Yes, DVB-C signal is fine - checked with integrated tuner on Samsung Smart TV and also on X Solo mini3 (running OpenPLI).

By the way, was there a switch added to VTV app so that I could disable autostarting it with Android?

yes, there is a option ‘Auto Start’ in the DTV Preference–>General Settings submenu option.

Does not work in Oreo, will there be support?

I am also very interested in Android Oreo support for Khadas VIM2 + VTV board :roll_eyes:

Do you have plans to release VTV board driver .ko file for Android?