Android AOSP 11

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just checking to see if there is any codebase available for Android 11 AOSP for the Khadas Edge or if there are any plans for it in the near future and possible timelines? Apologies if this was published somewhere already :smile: The current latest to my knowledge is 10 (Khadas-Edge-Qt).

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there maybe AOSP support for the RK3399 chip itself, but I haven’t heard anything form the khadas side yet :slight_smile:

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@Electr1 thank you very much for confirm.

Hello, at the moment there is information that only Amlogic is preparing Android 11 (x64), and so far nothing is known about Rockchip Android 11 (x64), but as you said, today Rockchip from Khadas is Android 10 x64 version for a tablet .