Android and LTE support


I am looking for solution:

  • board (VIM 3 fit)
  • android (VIM 3 fit)
  • hdmi screen and usb touch (VIM 3 fit - i found answer)
  • lte (???)

I have questions:

  1. does VIM3 work with M2X extension together with LTE module? (Of course with Android Pie).
  2. If yes - can you give which lte module work?

Hello! there is information, maybe it will help

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I saw this thread but I was not convinced by the answer :frowning:

Yes, M2X support M.2 based LTE module, and we official will support and sell Quectel EM06 model, but more model also supported if users can add it’s driver.

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Thank you for the answer.