Android 6.0 TV version (maybe)

android 6.0 TV version

Xiaomi Mi Box can be ported from

sys specs

    Output Resolution: Up to 4K 60fps
    Processor: Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
    GPU: Mali 450 750MHz
    RAM: 2GB DDR3
    Flash: 8GB eMMC
    System: Android TV 6.0
    Security: Widevine L1 + PlayReady 3.0


    VP9 Profile-2 up to 4K x 2K @ 60fps
    H.265 HEVC MP-10 at L5.1, up to 4K x 2K at 60fps
    H.264 AVC HPat L5.1, up to 4K x 2K at 30fps
    H.264 MVC, up to 1080P at 60fps
    Supports HDR10/HLG HDR processing (software upgrade required)


    DTS 2.0+ Digital Out, Dolby Digital Plus
    Up to 7.1 pass through

May I ask: how are you going to port firmware that Xiaomi refuses to make available even to owners of the international Mi Box? That ATV rom is only available via OTA, its bootloader is locked and the firmware is signed.

Wishful thinking, maybe?

got no id atm someone else ported this over to pine64 (allwinner A64)

looking to try this out

Do let me know if you get it working on the Vim. I wasn’t able to. Two of the apks didn’t install, and the stock Android launcher, which seems necessary, is not on our firmware.

Amlogic CustomizationTool v2.0.8
( )

i am get error

The content of animation config file desc.txt ien’s correct!

Unpack system apk failed