Android 13 test. Problems

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?


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**1- Khadas is connected to a touch monitor that has built-in speakers via Type-C or HDMI. When turned on, the sound is played from the screen, but it needs to be played from the external sound card "HD-AUDIO_USB_INTERFACE", you have to reconnect the USB connector in the system from the external sound card so that the sound goes to it, and not to the screen with speakers.**
**2- The "It is not possible to change the screen resolution in the display application settings. When setting the resolution to 4k (3840*2160), nothing happens despite the fact that the checkbox is checked. I managed to change the resolution via "terminal"..**
**3- The "Smart Launch" program is installed. I cannot give permission for notification. The enable slider is not active. If you click on it, the “Restricted setting - For your security, this setting is currently unavaible.” window pops up..**

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**Delete this line and post your log here.**

Is there a problem you mentioned for edge2-android-12 ?

If it defaults to 4K (Auto), it is normal for you to switch to 4K without any changes. Because it is already 4K. You can switch to another resolution, such as 1080p, to see.

Is there a problem you mentioned for edge2-android-12 ?

1- in the edge2-android-12 assembly there is no sound at all over the USB connection. We tried to fix this problem in another post with no sound, but it didn’t work out. You sent me the android 13 firmware.
2- I selected all available resolutions from the list. But they don’t apply! In any application, the resolution remains actual FULL HD (1920*1080). When changing the resolution, the monitor does not even blink, as it usually should. I used the code in a terminal application using root rights:
wm resize 3840x2160
Only after that I was able to change the resolution.
3- There was no such problem in Android 12.

So you described the problem incorrectly. This is called system UI resolution. Our firmware does not support changing the screen resolution, and the system UI resolution also changes accordingly.

If you leave everything as it is by default. Then all the fonts are blurry, you can see the low quality of the picture.
In my case, what should I do?

1- (audio). I also checked all my connections and it turned out that if I turn off the external USB microphone that I use for voice search, the sound goes straight to the USB device “HD-AUDIO_USB_INTERFACE”. When you connect a microphone, the sound goes to the screen speakers. I need to use a combination of an external USB microphone and USB “HD-AUDIO_USB_INTERFACE”
“catlog” please help

Your environment has two USB sound cards. This phenomenon is normal. The final USB sound card inserted in the system shall prevail. You can verify that other platforms are the same.

We may add a one-to-one correspondence between UI resolution and screen resolution in the future. But it takes time.

I have verified and did not find the problem you mentioned. It may be related to your APK version, please send me your APK for verification.

@magetra You can download the firmware verification at the end of the link below. Switching the screen resolution cannot immediately switch to the corresponding UI resolution, and the machine needs to be restarted.

Thank you for checking, I went to the forum where I downloaded this hacked application. As they wrote later, everyone has the same problem on Android 13, since I’m from Russia and our payment cards are blocked for purchases, I couldn’t buy the official application. I’m content with the hacked one and with these problems.

If this is a problem, then I will solder my remote microphone directly onto the khadas board instead of one. Khadas is built into the car panel and the original microphone cannot hear me.