Android 10 Source Code for EDGE

How to add gapps and supersu in Android 10 source?

Thank you!

You can just patch the boot.img generated on your PC by Magisk Manager on any Android firmware, the app is included by default in the Edge-V SDK.
Then rename the magisk_patched.img to boot.img and rebuild your update.img firmware with this boot image instead of the original one.
SuperSU is not used anymore for root since it has lots of problems and is not updated anymore.

GAPPS, you can use my firmware with GAPPS already included or download it from opengapps Andorid 10 - arm64 - pico or any package and unpack all the files in eg. vendor/gapps and add the gapps makefile as a source in your device/rockchip/rk3399/ make file.


Thank you @mo123
I’m building EDGE ROM for car usage with GPS drivers and library.
Does android 10 use, not
BUILD_WITH_GAPPS_CONFIG is included in only.。。。。。。。。。。