Android 10๐Ÿ˜‚ in the plans?

friends, will there be plans for android 10? :grin:


Looking forward to Android X64.


I was told by Amlogic that Android Q will be release in late Q4 2019.


How is the Andriod 10 for KhasasVIM3 now?


We have been told that in Q4 of 2020 we will be getting 64bit Android 11


โ€œWe have been told that in Q4 of 2020 we will be getting 64bit Android 11โ€

has this changed?

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At the moment there is no information, but we may find out about it unexpectedly :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, it would be unexpectedโ€ฆ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What exactly is it we are waiting on from AMLogic in order to achieve 64bit Android 11 for the Vim3?


Hi, Amlogic has paused for now, from what I know they are working on a 905x4 release, but we are of little interest.

Damn, and from what I can see no other manufacturer took up the A311D
I should have gone for the Edge-V :frowning:

buddy, donโ€™t blame yourself, you just need a debugged assembly like everyone else, for example, I donโ€™t care what architecture it works in if it fully satisfies my needs in reality.

Oh I am the same, all I need is a good strong android SBC with fully integrated Bluetooth that I can get a headphone protocol to work with for hands free operation. Google assistant is all.

Its for a motorcycle application of a carPC.

The VIM3 just does not cut it as is, and the only thing it needs is softwareโ€ฆ

Just consider that we are more unique in using the A311D :wink:

there have been other Individuals and corporations making boards using the A311D, mainly based on the VIM3โ€ฆ
but using it for developmental and testing purpose, not sold for normal consumerโ€ฆ

The main reason I selected it was that it had built in BlueTooth and most of the competition had only USB BT.
When BT is run thru USB it cannot perform HFP or HSP protocols that I need for hands free use.
While I like the specs of everything, and I am convinced the hardware is cutting edge, even top of the line, it does not help me much when I cannot make use of it.

afak, Android is quite a complex thing to work with in the community, and developing for Linux has been a bit more easier Intensive,
if you look at it, only Terry is doing most of the work with Amlogic android, whilest with linux we have Numbqq and some others to helpโ€ฆ

this is just my view of how it is going here, we need more Devs to work on android, if we want it to develop even furtherโ€ฆ

More devs for sure, sadly without the exposure of the product specifically the A311D not many peeps are going to put time in.
I am so surprised this SOC was not adopted in a lot more systems!

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Im sure no one wants to hear this but IMO the hardware needs to slow down a little, IMO right now the VIM devices there are out are fast enough they just need the software side to catch up.

These boards are so far behind phones and phones are the most of the interest, im sure im wrong but it seems like the software is being converted from the phones, the time is changing over the touch part of the phones for us with these devices,

I figured with everyone streaming everything we watch now these would be a little more in demand but i guess not

Android AOSP 11 will be ready for VIM3/L soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Will that include an ATV build as well?