Anaconda3 on Edge 2 Pro...!

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Ubuntu, desktop

Which version of system do you use?

Khadas official images, + highly customized… at the moment. Fully loading OS builds for cloning technically…

Please describe your issue below:

Though not listed as a ‘supported device’… Anaconda3 full install has been a success on the Edge 2 pro ARM PC… with the available Arch64 package from sites. Error free install. A useful addition to the known compaitibility options if not already. :fist:

Post a console log of your issue below:

… conda …!

Awesome! I installed miniconda3 earlier! Thanks for confirming the success!!

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Ive got my Ubuntu build at around 58 gig and climbing… 70 gig after my next build phase… microSD would be a far more attractive option than the eMMC… going USB adapter adds another step in communicating to the drive in it… adds a little more delay away from binary pulse width modulation perfection… but by the time I am done… going to have to distribute this build across several drives… perhaps just best to go for an array of Edge 2 Pros… :heart_eyes::100:

Getting anaconda navigator issues though… working on them…

I haven’t forgotten… but progress on this has been set on the back burner for a little while… summer is approaching in LA… and I’m a literal hyperborean albino… if I don’t get my cryo suit completed soon… the summer heat here is going to melt me. so… in the meantime… playing with aerogel and liquid nitrogen… in end phases… I will integrate a Khadas Edge 2 Pro to serve as my systems’ microcontroller on the suit… :smiley: