Amlogic Vs Rockchip

I think Khadas is always up to date with the latest news from Amlogic and Rockchip headquarters, but these are my thoughts

I will say this if the firmware with a bunch of errors, no heatsink will help, but these are my thoughts

Yea, No use of fueling a car if it doesn’t have an engine :crazy_face:

Yes, we are up-to date, Rockchip not much of a big problem, they keep us happy with all the proper data,
but Amlogic… I believe they have some sort of insider mission :male_detective: along with Hardkernel and some other manufacturers

Just speculating :grin:

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There is no accurate information on this subject

@Vladimir.v.v That why is speculated it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:,

no fan and no little to no case ventalation, there was a heatsink kit on Amazon for $10 for 88 pieces so i just put heatsinks on everything lol

heatsink kit

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Well you did get your “Bang for a buck” deal :laughing: