Amlogic S928X SOC

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That’s seems to be some information coming out of IBC 2022 about a new soc from amlogic based on A76/A55 cores.

Reference to original post by Amlogic twitter account and cnx too.

Looking forward for more details on this soc.
This looks like RK3588 competition.


Most probably wrt CPU, most probably wrt GPU, definitely wrt VPU.

But let’s see how I/O looks. If it’s the usual single PCIe Gen2 lane multiplexed with USB3 since G12B/SM1 then S928X is far behind for a variety of use cases.

And let’s have a look at software support situation too. T7 (A311D2/VIM4) and S4 (S905Y4/VIM1S) are both on an Amlogic 5.4.125 BSP kernel for which those who should know predicted no mainline support anytime soon or at all.

We don’t even know the Android version S928X should support. If it’s Android 12 then Amlogic would need to again formward port their (already forward ported from at least 3.10) 5.4 kernel to 5.10 and device makers like Khadas would’ve to deal with another BSP kernel variant… 5.4 should still be sufficient according to Android Common Kernels  |  Android Open Source Project



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A little disappointed by the number of cores plus 75% are A55 :frowning:

Let’s see how it performs in computing.

80% if the source of the above picture is trustable (english translation). But it would be significant amount of work to fake such a picture so I guess count of cores is true. The DMIPS BS is… BS as usual.

For my use cases the mentioning of ‘2x USB2.0(OTG, HOST) + 1x USB3.0+1xPCle-2’ is even more concerning hinting at still just one USB3 and one PCIe Gen2 lane pinmuxed.

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It looks like the nex step after the S905X4

Compared to RK3366, seems designed for TV.

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Everything amlogic does is mostly for tv or tv boxes :slight_smile:


So you ignore their smart vision, home, speaker, digital signage and automotive SoC.

Like smart home devices

Car thing Amlogic silicon solutions supports Spotify’s interactive, voice controlled, smart player: Car Thing

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You’re so great when doing copy&paste from somewhere. Love it!

Not really: Amlogic tyson vs Radxa ROCK 5B - Geekbench Browser

Yes after reading about the soc specs it is no where close to rk3588.

It is just another soc for tv boxes.