Amlogic 🤓 Rockchip ,on which processor is the display quality better?

Has anyone done benchmarking tests (blind test versus tech test) which processor gives the best display quality?

What do you mean by image quality?
Also amlogic and rockchip both have different gpu so if you can be more specific then someone can answer.

The best way is to look at Arm GPU heraichy

T860 is mostly used on rockchip while amlogic have always been using G3x and G5x which is much faster than T8xx series.

I would think the answer is purely subjective. Likely depends on the individual. That being said, this individual believes Rockchip has superior image quality, deeper, richer more vibrant colors. Maybe a matter of tuning from one to the other.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. As a result, I can accept that others feel differently about it, they’re just mistaken… :rofl:

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Image detailing, colors, rendering, etc.

The GPU primarily exists to make the CPU work easier when it comes to resource-intensive games or 3D graphics applications. When you play a game, the GPU is responsible for creating graphics, colors, and textures, while the CPU can do the artificial intelligence or calculations of the game’s mechanics. The last word is still for the CPU in my opinion.

Everything is learned in comparison, depending on what and with what to compare :wink:
In a blind test, yes, really Rockchip seemed more interesting to me :slightly_smiling_face:

@Vladimir.v.v IIRC there is a tiny difference between the RK3399’s, and the A311D’s video capabilities
The A311D has the upper hand in most of the things like the Video decoding technologies available, for example: HDR 10, Dolby vision etc. but the RK3399 has a 10bit H.264 decoder, which none of the Amlogic chips have, maybe that has a sliver of difference, but in normal cases, I guess the HDR 10 capabale A311D wins :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s as @RDFTKV also mentions, it personal choice of what people are used to, is what tells them, which is better :smile:

and include the screen which you are playing it on, and its all an oddball game :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s good, then answer on the topic, who likes what for you from personal experience?

well people don’t like change, hence they well persist in the usage of what they are well suited to. :man_shrugging:

hence that is what defines “standards” in people’s minds.