Amlogic kernel 5.4 on VIM3L

Has anyone managed to get the Amlogic 5.4 kernel from the VIM4 running on the VIM3L? It looks like the hardware support is still in there, just need a DTB

Use case: I am trying to use the HDMI eARC function, but not having much luck, and judging by the kernel 4.9 code it is unfinished in that version. Things look more promising in the 5.4 kernel.

@Darkimmortal There are no plans to upgrade VIM3/VIM3L to the 5.4 kernel.

Had no luck with the kvim3l_linux dtb from 4.9 on 5.4. Gets reasonably far through kernel init (with some errors), but stuck at Run /init as init process. Usb, sd and emmc not working

But the good news: I got it to boot using the dtb sm1_s905d3_ac200 from the amlogic 5.4 tree. USB, SD, emmc all seem to be working :tada:! Next to get HDMI and ethernet working…