Amlogic dev board

does amlogic afford development/testing boards ?
if so , what are they and what are their performance ?
thanks !

Amlogic creates reference boards for each (new) hardware generation. Their performance is largely the same as any other product with decent RAM/eMMC chips and exactly the same SoC on-board. You might want to rephrase the question to get a better answer :slight_smile:

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any examples of their board references?

There are 20+ reference boards over time. You’ll find occasional references to them in blog posts and kernel/u-boot commits but Amlogic doesn’t sell reference boards to consumers so you can’t buy them and thus there isn’t much public information about them.

e.g. Amlogic A311D Media Processor Features Cortex A73/A53 Cores, an Arm Mali-G52 MP4 GPU talks about the W400 reference board, which the VIM3 (an excellent board for doing dev work with an Amlogic A311D chip, but not a made-by-Amlogic dev board) is loosely based upon.

So what is it you want to know or do with a dev board? … because unleess you ask an actual question this conversation is a dead-end.


@taimed this is more of a general question rather than one that a khadas user could answer,

but I can tell you there are SoMs and open modules based around the A311D’s original reference design, which retains the majority of its components, GPIOs and are available on sites like alibaba and others,

from what I can tell, they give users the most basic level of documentation and source code, and most of it is closed source, the blobs are just there…

so as @chewitt had suggested, the VIM3 is excellent dev board if you want to get started with ample amount of documentation and community support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would say that this is a question more for Amlogic than for Khadas, and what kind of project would you like to end up with for yourself?

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The VIM3 and VIM3L are Android official reference boards if that helps.

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@RDFTKV by reference board, taimed meant, the original hardware sample kit, that amlogic released to other SBC manufacturers, and TV box makers to make their own cutdown version of the PCB…


Thank you all for your replies, but what I meant is explained by @Electr1