Aml_image_v2_packer returns "Image check error" with all the images

Hello all,

I got my new VIM3 which I want to use as a smart tv box. I don’t want to use android though, I want to use CoreElec/Librelec instead. I don’t have an SD card here so I thought that I will just flash into the EMMC. At first I thought that I can flash immediately CE/LE but I couldn’t find an EMMC image so instead I decided to try to flash Krescue to emmc and check how it works.

I downloaded the utils git repo from:

And after I installed everything I tried to flash the Krescue immage with aml-burn-tool. (I also tried to flash the Ubuntu emmc image with the same results).
The burn-tool always failed during the unpacking stage. I looked a bit at the code and it seems that it just runs the aml_image_v2_packer. So I used the check function of this tool ‘-c’ against all the images that I have. In all of the images (I tried .xz and .img files)
I am getting the following error:
[ERR]f(AmlImagePack.cpp)L257:Image check error! The magic number is not match

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 here. I highly doubt that all my images are corrupted, does anyone have the same problem?

Hello, If you downloaded images using Krescue, those images are to be flashed with Krescue. VIM3 images designed to work using USB for flashing can be found here.


Hi, Krescue must first be written to an SD card, you can do it from your computer, and only then you can install CE from it.

aml-burn-tool does not work with Krescue.

Thank you very much for the replies!

I understand that I the Kresque images can only be flashed with Krescue. I do get the same results with all of these images though. ( I understand that some of them are SD and not emmc images, I just tested them to check the output of the packer).


This should not give an error with packer, as far as I understand.