Aml-flash-tool for kvim3l


I’m trying to flash Android P on my kvim3L.
when trying to use aml-burn-tool or flash-tool I can’t find the option to do so for my device, only for vim1, vim2 and vim3.

Is there any solution for this? how can I flash my device with that tool?

@maxi_igo what do you mean its unavailable ?

the flashing tool is here for windows and linux

linux has a different process, that has the guide linked here

the steps that apply to any vim will apply to the VIM3L

  1. connect the VIM to your PC,

  2. by the time the power LED is indicating ON state, press the F button 3 times in 2 seconds.

  3. open the flashing program,

  4. select the firmware image, and click flash

the suggested setting to maintain system settings and user data will be:


check and apply these settings then flash it :slightly_smiling_face:


@maxi_igo Use option vim3. This option can burn vim3l firmware.

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