AltLinux (SD & USB & eMMC)


Images from AltLinux for VIM S905X and VIM2 S912

The default user is “altlinux” password “altlinux”.
The root user has a password “1234” or is empty.

server - 3.14
DE Mate - 3.14
DE IceWM - 3.14

Additional information about the system AltLinux


New image AltLinux Mate 20171216.
Added support for fan operation to the VIM2 (adjustable). The updated package to the latest version. Used the 3.14 kernel built from source Khadas.


Update image Mate 3.14 20171217.
Added dir /dtb all models , support for Wi-Fi and automatically increase the partition when you first start.


Add image minimal GUI IceWM (synaptic firefox and utilites)


The root password is empty