Air mouse remote not responding

Hi Gouwa,

Received my vim2 max but my air mouse remote is not working with the box it is compatible with it but when I connect the vim2 max I get Khadas and android logo then it goes to the home screen I connect the dongle receiver but nothing the doesn’t work if its the remote or the dongle but I’ve ordered your remote hoping this will work I’m worried it could be the vim2 max I hoping it is not this I hoping you can explain why it’s not connecting

Hello, I used a Tronsmart TSM-01, no problems noted. Running latest Android official firmware. Have you tested your remote on other devices to check remote is working?

Yes I tried it on my MacBook but it didn’t work it is supposed to be compatible with android Linux macOS and windows but when I plug the dongle in the vim2 max home screen comes up there is know cursor there is nothing working at all I’m getting bit worried thinking it could be the box but it could be the dongle tell the truth I’m new to Khadas I don’t know what remote is compatible with this device I’ve been in touch with Khadas on messenger and I said do you think it could be the vim2 they said no they don’t think it is

I do not have any other air mice for testing at the moment. If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, see if they work on your VIM2.

Quality varies widely with generic air mice. Since it also does not work on your Macbook, I would suspect it may have an issue. Just to state the obvious, make sure batteries are in good shape, or if rechargeable air mouse, fully charged.

I think I have two IR remotes that work with the VIMs. When I get home, I will insure both work and confirm here. Do you have other TV boxes? I have a Ugoos TV box, its remote is like one of the Khadas models and works fine on the VIMs. I’ll post back results later this evening(about 6 hours from now).

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The batteries are brand new there rechargeable I’ve just remembered I’ve got a apple mouse which I brought years Apple don’t even do any more crossed my fingers hoping this is going to work I don’t believe it,it works it is the dongle on my air mouse remote I’ve sent it back there sending us a new one well happy it works


Good to know. Keep us posted when the replacement air mouse comes. :slight_smile:

Will do I am new to Khadas so I will probably get in touch quite a lot thanks for getting back to us

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If I wanted to do a hard reset on my vim2 max how would I do it plus would it reset it back to how it out came fresh out of the box.


Hello, Go to Settings/Storage & reset, look for “Factory data reset”. That will wipe all user data, user added apps and accounts. There are other ways too, but that should work for you.
NOTE: All User Apps and Data(pictures, accounts, etc) will be lost.

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Got your message thanks for getting back to us if I done a factory reset would this harm the vim2 or will take it back to fresh from when I got it from the box what is the difference from factory to hard reset and what would you say I should do if I want to do this.

While I have not done a factory reset on my VIM or VIM2, I do not believe a factory reset will harm your VIM2.
I have done a factory reset on other Android TV boxes, no harm resulted. Box booted like it did the first time. What, if any, remnants of the previous user/system data survive the reset, I cannot say.
NOTE: If the firmware on your VIM2 has been updated since you received it, a factory reset will not take you back to the original firmware.

I am not sure there is a difference between the two terms, hard reset and factory reset.
A google search revealed this(offsite link).


I’ve noticed the vim2 struggles to play 4K movies even though it says you can play 10 bit 4K before I had the vim2 I had a amazon fire tv and you could watch 4K movies when you watch a 4k movie on the vim2 it shudders and then It stops tried it again done the same it definitely don’t want to play 4k does it do it on yours and if so is there a fix.


Do you know how to extend storage on my vim2 because I’ve tried plugging in usb format the drive then go to Es file explorer go to open usb a message saying can not open file now what is causing this plus I’ve tried my hard drive that is doing the same I don’t understand what is going it doesn’t look good it doesn’t look like I’m going to extend the storage.

Hi Sean:
Basically, VIM2 support Micro SD card or USB Disk to extend the storage.

Do you know the FS format of your USB disk?

Can someone help us please I’m literally going out of my head here I just don’t understand I’ve brought a Micro SD Card that is 4K compatible I’ve tried to move copy and paste to the sd card nothing I’ve format the sd card and even tried without the format nothing it will do anything I fails every time you can’t add extra storage to this device you can transfer apps but I don’t want it for that I just don’t understand why this is happening I’ve got fire tv I can transfer movies apps with no problems at all but this is giving me a headache

Hello, is the card formatted fat32 or other? I have noticed no issues moving data to/from SD card or USB connected storage.

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No haven’t format fat32 I’ve connected the Micro SD Card and format removable storage that ain’t work I’ve tried device storage and that hasn’t work it keeps saying failed everytime I’m going out of my head here because I don’t know what is doing it I haven’t tried that fat32 but thing is this should work because SD Card I’m using is 4K compatible I don’t understand why this is not working all i want to do is add movies to the SD Card so I’ve got free space on my vim2 but I’m starting to think you can’t add extra storage to this how can I get round this it’s giving me a headache I’ve looked on the web nothing please help us.

I’ve done it I had to get in touch with the seller of the SD Card he sent me a link you have to format to exFat which I did when you first connect it to the vim2 it’s format at fat32 so when I try and copy movies to the SD Card it kicks us out because it will not take files larger than 4g so you have to format it to exFat to get much larger files I’m happy man now thanks for getting back to us that was giving me such a headache.


Yes, exFAT for files over 4GB.
Glad you got it going. :slight_smile:
Have fun!

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