After updating Supersu, Vim2 does not load

After updating Supersu, Vim2 does not load, hangs on the splash screen, only flashing helps, what should I do?

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Yes, it will stick on boot animation if you update Supersu.
The Supersu is work and please don’t update Supersu.
About how to upgrade the lateste FIRMWARE, You can following below steps to have a try.


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I have seen the same, in the two recent Android images.

I just didnt do the SU updatesince I am not too interested in Android but


It doesnt matter which method you use to upgrade it - once it is “complete” and you reboot, the VIM will hang on the booting picture (colourful dots dancing around)

I have had my Khadas an hour and it does not work any more. How do I get Android to start after updating supersu please.

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And I now have a black screen after trying to enter update mode.

I have to upgrade to latest ROM V170828 to resolve it.

Sorry for the troubles! :smile: