Adding USB or SATA port

Greetings, everyone!

I want to make a Blu-ray and DVD player based on my VIM1. Connecting the drive to the USB port won’t be esthetically good…
I wonder if there’s any way to add a SATA or USB port to the board. Maybe via GPIO…

To keep things looking neat and tidy you’ll need to self-print/make a case; so make one that hides the USB cable connection to the board. For most folks who aren’t kernel developers it’ll be a lot easier than writing drivers.

I’ve already considered that, but the USB connectors on most cables are so bulky…
The case will either be in an awkward shape, or the other ports will get too deep into it.

Remove the existing USB connector from the board and solder something else that suits the case?

Good, but risky idea.

…Do you think it’s possible to desolder one USB port and solder it backwards to the same place?

You might be able to do it physically, but the socket pins are soldered through the PCB so this will electrically reverse the left-to-right pinout of the connector.