Add ILI9881C display driver support

Hi khadas team,

We are using the Khadas VIM3 board with Ubuntu 20. We want to test the ILI9881C display with this board. Could you please confirm whether this display is supported by the Khadas VIM3?

Hello @mntprn

Could you please provide more information about this screen? We haven’t tested with this screen yet.

Hi @numbqq

Resolution: 1280x800

driver file :

Hi @numbqq,

Any updates?

Hello @mntprn

We don’t have such device to verify, we will try to find some devices…

Hi @numbqq,

We have the device, can you share the details, where to modify in source code ?
Where to add driver file? And changes in device tree file?

Hello @mntprn

Does your screen is the MIPI DSI screen? Please make sure the MIPI cable PIN order is the same with VIM3, shoule have the same order with our MIPI screen TS050.

And for the software part, you need to change the screen timing.


It’s MIPI DSI screen. But pin order is different.

If you have the different pin order you have to design a convert board.

Hi @numbqq,

Below are the connection details:

HI @numbqq,

Without convert board, will it be possible to change the pin config information in device tree?

Hello @mntprn

Please don’t do that, it may break your screen or the VIM3 board.