Add files / programs to Linux image

I’m using the fenix script to build an Ubuntu image for the VIM. How can I add additional files and programs to the build? (e.g. some library that is installed by apt)

you can check the way fenix adds extra packages here:

add the specific package name along, and build the image :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing the code. I’ll try it

Thank you! That worked (for programs).

And how can I add files to the EMMC .img and modify the crontab?

I believe for anything post build configuration
you might want to add it in here:

would want to confirm it with khadas team member if possible

Tried to find out when this script is called, but couldn’t find the echo output in the console output. I searched for that echo (and parts of it):

I’m not sure why that is, maybe its because its inside the chroot,
I would want to ask @hyphop regarding the scripts


works only for generic images!

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