Add custom sensor to the ISP configuration

Hi all,
I’m using a VIM3 board with a custom ubuntu image, built on top of the Khadas Fenix release.

I have a custom board with an IMX296 sensor. The sensor is streaming and I can see the stream using the v4l2 driver and gstreamer.

We have started from the definitions for the OV08a10, the camera module present in the Fenix tree, and built our custom driver for an IM296 sensor.
We added the driver and the preliminary ISP configurations we have linked the functions using the control and context structures in the driver.
The sensor is streaming but the ISP isn’t working. We can´t see any automation on brightness or color.

We have also tuned part of the ISP and verified that we could manually control some of the isp values using the ARM control tool. We can change CCM and gamma configurations and we can see the effect on the image but we can’t control the exposure and gain values properly, ISP is set in manual mode but changing values doesn’t affect the image.

We have your sensor OS08A10 for Khadas VIM3 and that sensor is correctly working. We have all the automation and we can manually control any image parameter.

what am I missing in the configuration?


Hello @smerola

Here is a documentation for your refenrence.

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