Absence of Portrait mode

Dear Colleagues,

We are simple digital signage stand builders and found Your VIM1 to be very useful for our purpose.

Still deploying it, we encountered problem not being able to find – Portrait mode.

Usually on Androids (we have met so far) it is in – Settings : Display : Screen rotation. There are usually 4 options – 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

We looked through all the Settings on Your VIM1 (seems we have version 12 (v1.2 on plate)), but still did not find the possibility to get the Portrait mode.

What we are missing/doing wrong?

Thank You for Your help in advance.

Valts from Latvia

ask @Terry he more close to Android developing

You can flash the latest ROM, and we have added the control menu for it. Settings->Display->Screen rotation

Thank You so much Hyphop, Terry for Your care and cooperation,

Sorry to say – due to increasing pandemic of Covid-19 we are forced to temporarily cease our operations.

But we will definitely try Your suggestions and ellaborations shortly after.

I will post here as soon as we will be back on track and there will be new info about our results.

Thank You very, very much Colleagues for now.

With our very best regards and wishes to You and all of us,


Thank You very much Terry, Hyphop,

New Krescue image works just fine – no splash logo, portrait mode – perfect.
We have upgraded now all our v12 and v14 VIM1 test machines.
Thank You very much indeed.

Sorry to say – we encountered just a small new problem – VIM1 does not render 1:1 at monitor resolution. It is intuitively enlarging the content behaving like mobile phone instead of digital signage player :grinning:.

I opened new thread at Your Forum under VIM1:Android with the name “VIM1 does not render FHD” bearing also several photos of screens. Probably You are aware already.

But actually it is not about FHD only – it is about any physical resolution of any physical monitor we are connecting over HDMI – FHD, QHD, UHD and any other.

We are stopped now again and much looking forward to Your expert help.

Than You very much in advance.

With my very best regards,