About the VIM3 & VIM3L category

Khadas VIM3 | 12nm Amlogic A311D with 5.0 TOPS NPU
Khadas VIM3L | 12nm Amlogic S905D3 with 1.2 TOPS NPU

I guess copy & paste the categories of the former VIMs is quite fine so:

  • Android
  • Docker
  • LibreELEC
  • Linux Kernel
  • Ubuntu
  • UEFI & U-Boot

should cover the usual topics.

We are thinking that if we need keep the categories as simple as possible, for example:

  • Software

    • Android
    • Linux Kernel
    • U-Boot
    • More…
  • Platform

    • VIM1
    • VIM2
    • VIM3
    • Edge
    • Tone

Just consider will be too much subcategory when VIM4, Edge2 come out if we follow current layout :smile:

Well, need some suggestion here :blush:

Well the point is that it makes sense to discuss specific problems in specific subforums. Have a look at forums of other SBCs manufacturer

It makes no sense on the other hand to discuss all Linux Kernel related topics in one unified subforum because each platform has specific BSP kernels or different mainline support. Same goes for Ubuntu images, LE images and else. For example if I’m looking for the latest tone board firmware it makes sense to look in tone board / firmware and not in a generic firmware category.

IMHO you could posibly ditch the general discussion & technical support main forums or at least add these categories to the subforums too. In the end each topic is highly specific for each SBC so it’s convenient to only see the stuff that is valid for a specific device.