About SoC Block Diagram connectivity

I wonder about Block Diagram USB Connectivity

for example RK3588s_datasheet

rk3588s avaiable

  • USB OTG 3.1/2.0/TypeC
  • 2x USB HOST 2.0
  • USB3Host(SATA3/PCIe2.1)

khadas edge2 HW info

  • USB-A (USB 3.1)
  • USB-C (USB 3.1 & Disport port) ← typo?? gonna be Display Port??
  • USB-C (only podwer delivery)
  • USB-A (USB2.0)

My question is
if i request custom SBC based rk3588s then it can expend only one more USB2.0 port???

Yes, fixed.

For Edge2, we have more USB 2.0 ports from Edge2 IO and Edge2 Station, so for your custom board can have more USB 2.0 ports.