About portable power

Good day, who has experience working with portable power sources, for example, powebbanks or mini ups?
Is there a difference between the quick-charging 3.0 powerbanks and without this function?

can someone suggest their own models?

Hi Krian,

From what I know the VIM1 and VIM2 are unable to communicate with Qualcomm Chargers, therefore if you spend the extra money to buy one with PowerIQ, the charger will be running in it’s default 5V, 2.1A mode - therefore unless you intend to charge your new smartphone with it, the extra cost will likely be unjustified.

I use a standard 10,000mAh power bank with my Khadas VIM2 and it works fine! :slight_smile: (I run this guy headless with VNC, because there aren’t enough screens to go around)


Thanks. But what is the probability that the powerbank will not be able to provide the required current for resource-intensive tasks? Are you limited to working with khadas when you feed it from such a battery?
On the Internet, there is not much description of working experience with the powerbanks, and mostly reviews from the owners of raspberries. And many of them say that not every powerbank can work stably.

I know what you mean Krian. You are right, we do not have enough data for this. The fact is that each battery has a different “peak power” output, and this is dependent on many factors, one of which is the age of the battery, as well as ambient temperature, and who manufactured this battery.

Battery current draw is therefore a variable. However, if we know the battery can deliver a nominal 5V, 2.1A, it should be sufficient for powering the VIM. The most intensive task I did on my VIM was to generate a rsa key pair, which took several minutes on the AMlogic CPU, and the battery worked fine.

Do note that I am running my Khadas VIM without a cooling fan, it works fine too. Regarding this matter, the long and short of it, is that you will likely need to do some experiments. :slight_smile:

For my Khadas VIM2, I use a raspberry PI adapter whith a plug from OTG to Usb-C.
3.1 Amp, 5 volt.
The only thing you need is a another plug from OTG to USB-C
My link comes from the Netherlands and is for exemple.
This AC-DC adaper is better then the FAKE adapters that you find in China.
I now this whas not the question, but i wanne let you know.


I never have problems whith overheating.
But, its Always good to use a fan, and put the box upp the fan, not inside.
I do that whith all my boxes.
A old Pc fan 12 volt, and online a adapter AC 12 volt is good enough.
Online the adapter kost 4,00 euro Like 3,50 Dollar.

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Interesting idea :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if for the Edge with RK3399, we could design a large, slow, and quiet fan into the case; make it look cool.

I’m not a fan of small, high-speed, noisy fans, either - pun intended.

Anyway will leave that up to Gouwa to decide!


I agree fan are dust movers/collectors (and if you own cats even worse) :wink:
Good Thermals, Heatsink and Pads both sides of CPU does work well.
Vents to let the cool air in and the hot air out…
And as mentioned a Good Power Supply is the most Important