About Image Flash Method

In my understanding, the precondition of “USB Burning Tool” working is the VIM should be took a presetting u-boot. What I’m worried about is that how to save my VIM board if I destroy the u-boot in the board without carefully.

I want to do some research and exploration about hypervisor or security software. So, I will do many tries in u-boot.

So, could anybody confirm that if my understanding is right?

You can press the function button three times, the blue light will flash, you will enter the maskrom mode, then you can burn the firmware again.
Have fun!:grinning:

Correct this reply, VIM1 does not have TST Mode.

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Thanks for your reply. And I have some more questions.:sweat_smile:

Where is the maskrom? Is it Boot Rom in chip? I just want to get more understanding about it. And will “USB Burning Tool” be available in maskrom mode?

This is a function of the rescue board integrated by the chip manufacturer. In fact,by shorting the specified pin, the chip can enter the MaskRom mode.

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Is that to say M-register in the VIM Doc?

Is this operation works only when VIM board couldn’t bringup normally?

Yes, I am talking about M-register. At the same time, we did some processing on the button, and finally shorted the pin.

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Great! Thanks for your help!