About case code of NPU toolkit (aml_npu_sdk.tgz)

Dear Technical Support Team,

As we all know, VIM3 users can download aml_npu_sdk.tgz to run NN models (e.g., Darknet, Yolo, Inception) on the VIM3 board.

When they generate the case code with the conversion scripts, may they define the license clause of the code with Apache such as Android after appending some functions in the case code?

Geunsik Lim.

@leemgs You can do anything with the case code .

@Frank, Thank you for your fast reply.

@leemgs As far as my understanding is concerned, I don’t recommend changing the name of the function. I think it’s better to modify the content of the function and add more functions as sub functions.

@Frank, Yes, I do not want to change the existing functions (e.g., vnn_**** and vsi_***) because it results in inefficient code maintenance and compatibility issue. As you mentioned, it will be better to add more functions as sub-functions.