Abnormal Load >1 with idle CPU

I have VIM1 PRO ubuntu mate xenial kernel 3.14 installation.

I realized that the load since I turn on the computer, I have tried even without the graphics environment is always greater than 1 with the CPU completely idle.

Is there a reason? I honestly don’t want to install a new Ubuntu image. I have read many forums that could be processes that engage I / O but I have not found any process running in state D

Thanks, Mattia


I did a lot of research and investigating on state processes
D (uninterruptible sleep) means that the process is in kernel space (in a system call), attempting to perform IO.

At this point I would think that the video driver is the cause of this abnormal load. And since there is no specific video driver for linux I think that using a generic video driver could be the cause of the abnormal load.

Can anyone check the load with the cpu in idle state and tell me which version of ubuntu you are using, thanks

Yes, it seems the load is caused by video drivers, you can try to disable all the video modules.

I think it is a phantom load, a number that does not affect the performance of the system at all.

To investigate can you tell me from the command line how to temporarily disable that module?

Thank you for your answer.


I tried to temporarily disable the kernel module related to the video card.

with the command:

sudo modprobe -r mali

but the system crashed and rebooted.

maybe I’m doing something wrong

I tried to load the latest Ubuntu 18.04 image available with 4.9 kernel but I always have the same problem. in processor idle state and load 1.00.

I await the response of a staff member to confirm that it is the graphics driver