A2DP sync with Kodi or Armbian

Some help to get VIM working as an A2DP receiver in Kodi or Armbian plz. The point here is to get VIM works as a receiver but without CLI or Linux UI pairing. Pre-configured pass is okay, but pairing is not. The idea is to use VIM as a Bluetooth receiver that everybody can connect to. Second topic is to switch from pulsaudio to alsa in 1 sec for example if no one is connected to the Bluetooth receiver. Some code or config files plz.

The project is ultimate audio transport. Scope is to have full streaming support to upgrade exiting legacy audio systems.

OS: Armbian

MPD (Mopidy) - done
Squeezelite - done
Roon Bridge - done
AirPlay (Shairport-sync) - done
uPNP/DLNA (Rygel) - done
Spotty/Librespot - help plz
A2DP sync - help plz
YouTube audio bridge - help plz


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are switched off to remove some more electronic noise.

MPD is working nice but have removed
Squeezelite have been replaced with Squeezelite-R2 with Kimo’s (Daphile) patch for DSD
Roon Bridge working just as expected, including autoupdate
Rygel has been replaced with miniDLNA. Istill not sure which is better
Spotify is in progress. Librespot is look promising
A2DP sync - no way without CLI pairing. Removed!
YouTube audio bridge (aka Volumio plugin) still not sure

Switching from Armbian to Balbes150 Volumio (based on Armbian) is look more promising but that build still have trouble with the internal sound card. Next I will try to disable AML8AUDIO at all and i hope it will work trough Tone Board :slight_smile:

gkkpch sent me a few patches and hints, I hope to soon use them to create a new version. In parallel, I will try a new version of the kernel, perhaps it will help to solve the problem with the use of the built-in audio output.