A2DP receiver on android

Is it possible to enable A2DP profile on android for playing music on VIM3 via bluetooth

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Please help on this.

The VIM3 have already support for A2DP. Did you have a test for it?

I connect from my phone to vim3 and there is no A2DP in the list of supported profiles, but the device icon in the form of a headset

A2DP include a2dp and a2dp-sink. The VIM3 has support for a2dp but not a2dp-sink.
You can use a bluetooth headset to listen to music played on the VIM3.

I create carps, and I need to listen to music from my phone to vim3. From vim to headset work fine, but from phone to vim3 don’t work

Can you tell me more information about your porduct? It need to modify much source codes if you want to add support for that. We have no a plan to do that now.

I’m making a custom CarPC, based on vim3, and I really want to be able to play music from my phone to vim3 in the car and be able to get speakerphone.
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Perhaps you could use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionitech.airscreen&hl=en app on both devices with wifi to send send music from your phone to the Vim3 instead of using bluetooth?

I’ve already watched this type of application. not very comfortable. Chinese Android-based car-radios can play music via Bluetooth from phone

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