A Sneak Peek VIM3 Android TV beta

Well thanks to the hard work of all involved @Superceleron.
I can show you a sneak peak of A9 ATV looking pretty good
Wont be long at it will be available for you all…

App Draw

System Info

A few apps running side ways a few other niggles but all in good time…




More will happen soon…:slight_smile:


Wow that looks really neat, I haven’t used ATV myself - will go and install it once ready.

This is going in the newsletter :wink:


Is Netflix HDR also 4k?

Due to the lack of full certification DRM L1 etc I would say no.


still work to do, but is getting there :slight_smile:


Pin the nice topic :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


why I took edge V.
and on edge V possible.

I already tried the past 2 weeks to make AndroidTV for Edge V but am close to giving up.
Edge only supports tablet firmware not tv box or AndroidTV.
On earlier OS’s like Nougat/Oreo it might be possible but I don’t want to work on outdated OS’s.
I made a wonderful AndroidTV Oreo firmware for Rockchip RK3328 and it works very well.
If I have spare time, I’ll still try to test AndroidTV to get it working, but can’t promise anything.

I will have a look at it @mo123 , i still dint play with my edge…
Also ATV on PIE is a lot harder, to many changes that affect leanback mode!

btw @Gouwa there is no “mysterious devs” , is only me and you guys since as i cant touch any sdk source, so i need some changes to be done by you guys, like i asked @Terry :wink:


Well just to give you guys a heads up… been busy also with ATV…
And fixed the pop up that ask for permission when you try to write to external devices.
So i m8 rls friday both “Final” of Normal ROM and 1º BETA of ATV build :slight_smile:


Once the installation is done you can connect your VIM3 board to your computer with a USB-C cable, and enter upgrade mode by pressing the function button (the one in the middle) three times within two seconds while the shareit apk board is running.

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wow superb, it’s looks nice 9Apps VidMate app