A mouse icon (the arrow) appears on screen for a short while


I have installed some apps on my khadas vim and there is a strange phenomenon.

Sometimes when I navigate within apps, a mouse icon appears on the center of screen. After 1 second or less, it disappears. As a developer I am very curious about reason of this…

Anyone know?


P.S. I just work with a IR remote. No keyboard/mouse is connected to the board!

Hello, Maybe unrelated, but the IR remote has mouse function. I think that is triggered by long pressing the button between the volume buttons, could also be with long press of the menu button, not with the VIM at the moment, cannot check. Maybe you have engaged that accidentally. Do the directional arrows on the remote move the cursor when it is showing?
Otherwise, not sure about it.

Thank you for your hint.
I has tweaked the device tree of the ROM for IR remote to work. (I use a third party IR remote not the khadas one, so I had to!) But the mouse button (which toggles the D-Pad to move the cursor on screen) is not working.

Back in Android 6 which used the remote.conf there was a syntax like :

0 0x10
1 0x11
2 0x0b
3 0x0e

to assign functioality to D-Pad when in mouse mode. I am really want to know how to enter this config in device tree!


Don’t know of this will help, here is a link to the codes in the Khadas remote.config(remote.conf), as used by the Khadas IR remote.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Maybe this section…
“fn_key_scancode = 0x5c
left_key_scancode = 0x0e
right_key_scancode = 0x1a
up_key_scancode = 0x03
down_key_scancode = 0x02
ok_key_scancode = 0x07
pageup_key_scancode = 0x04
pagedown_key_scancode = 0x1b”