A few questions about the M2X Extension Board

What preferred ngff modem cards are compatible with US carriers as the one shown in pic only seems to be compatible with Asia and Europe. My second question is are there any CAD files for the Vim series M2X Extension Board preferably in step format? Hoping to turn the vim3 into a brick PC/Phone.
and third is can the lte module be swapped out for another compatible form factor component or is it strictly for modems?

Khadas added step files for several products recently, but I did not see the M2X step files yet.
There is a silk drawing here.

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Don’t think the CAD software I’m using can load pdf files, so I guess I’ll wait until they show up, thanks for the reply.

This is a good idea, and I am hoping for the same.

Here are the step files but M2X Extension Board is missing.

I tested the Sierra AirPrime EM7455. On Ubuntu with kernel version 4.9 it is detected, but the qcserial driver is missing, so it does not work.
With Manjaro (kernel version 5.3) the qcserial driver is available. It is recognized by the modem manager, but it does not find any signal. It works on another PC without any problems.

I think it is a pure software problem and the module can be made to run.
These were my experiences in this respect so far.

OK thanks, here’s to better modem support for linux. Though I could wait for a Android\Ubuntu dualboot. do my projects on Ubuntu’s side then switch to android when I need to use the phone.

We will release LTE module models for each region later;But this will take more time.

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Great looking forward to it.

I hear ya, will create a little step file for the M2X in a jiffy.

Thanks for the upload after reviewing I’ll probably go with larger case build so rather than stacking the module on top of the Vim3 it will extend from the side that would give me a slightly slimmer build along the lines of the height and width of an Ipad though a bit thicker, That way I could have more room for things like a bigger battery, better speakers and greater airflow and if I needed more room a bulge could be added at the back for whatevelse I could need while still allowing relatively easy access to the nvme SSD should I need to switch it out.


M2X CAD File Download: Case design - Khadas VIM3/L modular magnetic click together case


Any news on the ngff modems for US carriers?